Warm Window® System

Warm Window energy efficient curtains and shades consists of four layers of different types of fabric that are sewn together in 4″ wide horizontal channels.   The layers are-high density needled holo fibers, reflective polyethylene moisture vapor barrier, metalized poly film with air-trapping fibers and drapery lining.

The drapery lining faces street side and is treated to protect from the suns damaging rays. The window coverings are designed to reduce the flow of energy through your window glass. This keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, keeping your energy costs lower.

The Warm Window final layer that faces the room can be a decorative fabric of your choice. Cozy Curtains offers many fabrics to choose from, or you can select a fabric of your choice that matches your current decor. It is best to choose a fabric that is tightly woven, of light to medium weight, and made of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend.

We know you’ll be pleased with these beautifully styled, versatile, completely functional shades. The Warm Window system combines sophistication with practicality to insure your comfort year-round.

Warm Window custom shades come in 4 styles:

You choose the fabric and color to suit your decorating needs, and Cozy Curtains will custom make the shades  to your taste, insuring an exact fit. Because of the variety of fabrics and colors available, we can create your Warm Window® shades to compliment any of the decor you already have in your home. (See more about Cozy Curtains here.)

The Warm Window system also insures complete privacy when you want it.  Simply use the pull cord to raise them, and they stack neatly above the window when not in use.

Give yourself a delightful new home environment with Warm Window insulated shades, by Cozy Curtains.

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