Energy Efficient Insulated Balloon Shades

Insulated Balloon Curtain Raised

Insulated Balloon Curtain Raised

The Balloon style lends a fuller, softer, untailored look to your Warm Window shade.  The fullness is achieved by gathers along the top and poufs at the bottom. Insulated balloon shades work well with or without a valance.

(If you’re seeking a more tailored shade, our insulated Roman shades may be your solution.)

Due to the nature of the warm window shade, please call Cozy Curtains for instructions on measuring and picking a decorative cover fabric.   1(406) 721-1595

Costs for insulated balloon shades:

$19.00 per square foot – Includes decorative cover fabric – (for shades over 75″ wide add $10 to the shipping charge – add $15 for shades over    90″wide)

$16.00 per square foot – Customer provides cover fabric.