Energy Efficient Insulated Shades

If you’re seeking lower energy bills, insulated curtains and shades can make a significant difference! Cozy Curtains makes thermal shades in several styles and a wide variety of fabrics. There is sure to be a look that is perfect for your decor.

Click to see more about each of the following Cozy Curtains custom options for insulated shades and curtains, each offering superior energy savings for your home.

Insulated Roman Shades

Insulated Balloon Shades

Insulated Hobbled Shades

Insulated Drapery Draw Curtains

All of our thermal shades are available in several styles: roman, balloon and hobbled. See individual page links above for more information on each style.

Insulated curtains are made in the drapery draw style that pull to one side. This style ensures that there is a secure magnetic seal around the window or door. In summer that keeps hot air out and cooler air in.  In winter, warm air stays in and cold air is kept out. See the insulated drapery draw curtain link above for further information.

Check out our vast array of fabrics and find a custom look for your new thermal shades!