Testimonials from Cozy Curtains Customers

Hi Jo Anne,

 I just wanted to thank you so much for these great blinds! They’re just so beautiful and so well made. They’re exactly what I wanted. It hasn’t dropped below 90 for over a month and we had a heat index of 115 recently. Aack! The blinds have really made it much more tolerable inside. I know they’ll be great in winter (what there is of it here), too!

Thanks so much for your patience during the process and the beautiful product you created!  ………Liz

* * *

Hi Jo Anne,

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Drapery Draw and Roman Shade custom shades that you made for our sliding doors. You were very accessible via email and phone and you were very patient with all my questions. The fabric selection is huge and enabled me to get exactly what I wanted. The quality of the shades is outstanding—the workmanship is flawless and they both fit perfectly.  The step by step installation instructions that were included with the shades were very easy to follow and were customized for my particular shades and openings, and you included all of the hardware, even down to the screws, that was needed.  

I can’t wait for this winter and next summer so I can start enjoying all of the energy benefits!  ……….Kim (Connecticut)

* * *

“When remodeling our office we chose Cozy Curtains to make our insulated blinds.  Jo Anne did an excellent job.  The curtains look great, and keep the room much warmer in the winter.  Living in an older home we wanted the curtains installed in a particular way to accent the wood window trim.  Jo Anne worked with us to help achieve the look we wanted.  I am already planning for more Cozy Curtains in the other rooms in the house.  We are very pleased with her work.”  ……….Karen and Andrew

“Living in Northwestern Montana, I am used to sunny warm afternoons.  However, when the sun sets the temperature drops very quickly in the winter. Living in a house with a large windows facing east, I soon realized that I could feel cold drafts.  So cold in fact that I could not sit anywhere near a window.  Also it was very uncomfortable sleeping, although I generally prefer a cool house at night.  Storm windows helped but didn’t stop the drafts created from temperatures at 20 degrees or lower. 

I looked up insulated windows in the Yellow Pages and contacted Jo Anne  at Cozy Curtains.  The Warm Window Roman shades I ordered did the trick.  The windows are completely sealed, no drafts at all.  The rooms where I had them installed are now comfortable.  The shades are very attractive, fold up neatly at the top of the window and are easily cleaned with a vacuum brush.  An added bonus is that the shades keep a room cool in the hot summer months.  I am delighted with this product, and Jo Anne  was very attentive to my needs.”  ………..A. Magee

* * *

Dear Jo Anne,

I am sending you this email to again reiterate just what a difference to our electric bill installing the curtains has made.  We are budget billing so it has taken a full year to really notice the difference.  Given the Montana winters and the 30+ windows we have we really place a lot of credit with the insulation provided by the curtains.  Our bills have decreased by almost 50%.   Thanks again for all your help.  ……….Crackle B. (real first name)

* * *

Dear Cozy Curtains,

I made the Roman shades for 21 windows and 1 door,  I was very pleased with the quality of the fabric and the other materials I received from Cozy Curtains.  I needed to call the 800 number a few times at the start of the project for advice, but when I did, the advice was always freely given.

We have a passive solar home and the curtains have greatly improved the homes efficiency.  We use then in the winter and summer.  Even during the hot summer of 2002 we needed no air conditioning and the big reason was the use of the curtains on the west side of the house.

If you want materials and service from a  responsive small business, then Cozy Curtains is where to succeed. ……….Robert W.

* * *

I worked with JoAnne Brekjern, Cozy Curtains, over the phone for a number of weeks prior to contracting her to sew the roman shades.  Although I am in California and she in Montana she was readily available to answer my concerns, and guide me in making the templates.  

These quality shades do exactly this:  keep out the cold and heat.  Believe me, if my husband noticed the difference in temperature  –  it means the shades make a remarkable difference in temperature (read expense).  Additionally, the quality of the workmanship and the customer service is a more than pleasant experience.   What an experience contracting and getting what I paid for.  ……….Kathleen (San Jose, California)

I live in Michigan. I don’t have enough nice things to say about Jo Anne and Cozy Curtains. I have no experience in measuring, etc. and Jo Anne offered to Skype and talk us through it and it was a breeze! She was very professional, extremely patient and treated me as though I was her only client. I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend the Insulated Roman Shades and I look forward to again in the future working with Jo Anne, for when we move in to another home we will not be without Insulated Roman Shades. Truth! The money we save on electric and heat speaks volumes. Thank you again, Jo Anne.