Warm Window® Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my Warm Windows shade?

There are several methods you may use to care for your Warm Window insulated shades. Use a spray-on upholstery cleaner and vacuum your shade while it is still hanging or have an on-sight upholstery cleaner visit your house (such as Serve-Pro). We also recommend dry-cleaning in a non-immersion cleaning method only.

 Can I use my own fabric instead of Cozy Curtains selections?

Yes.  You can use your own decorative fabric.  The price per square foot of the shade will be reduced.

Can I paint or wallpaper over the magnetic tape?

You can successfully paint the magnetic tape before or after  it is installed with latex paints with either a brush or  in a  spray can or paint over installed tape when repainting the trim.  If you have stained wood trim, simply find a paint that is close to the stain color. Try your paint on a small sample first to insure that is compatible.  You can also wallpaper over the magnetic tape if the paper has a smooth surface.

 Do I have to use magnetic tape?

Using the magnetic tape is the best way to seal the shade around the window.  The insulated shades will still reduce heat loss without the magnetic seal, but not nearly as much, just like your refrigerator would not do a very good job with the door left partly open.

How should I cover a sliding glass door?

Sliding doors can be covered with one Roman shade using an outside mount so the shades will gather entirely above the door when raised.  You can also use the side draw system.  The side draw can be either an inside or outside mount.

How often should the shades be raised or lowered?

Raising the shades and allowing any accumulated moisture to evaporate  will help prevent mildew.  Leaving the shades open during the daylight will allow solar heat gain to help warm your home on many winter days.

If you have other questions, please contact us.