Warm Window Drapery Draw Thermal Curtains vs. Drapes

Not all curtains and drapes are created equal! If you think your regular drapes are insulating your windows and rooms, think again. Thermal curtains, like the Warm Window drapery draw curtains made by Cozy Curtains, are what you need if it’s energy savings you seek.

The problem with drapes is they are open at the top and bottom.  This creates drafts with cold air being drawn up and over the drape.  If you want to insulate your doors and windows, the curtains need to be closed at the top and bottom. And that’s exactly how our Warm Window drapery draw curtains are made. They are thermal curtains made with special insulated layers of fabric and they keep cold air out at the top and bottom.

There is a track at the top with an attached magnet that provides complete closure.  The bottom is sealed by resting on the floor (when used on doors) or with magnetic strips (if used on windows).  Unlike traditional curtains, there are no cords to worry about breaking. Instead, the our drapery draw thermal curtains glide effortlessly on a track with roller glides.

Drapery draw curtains can be used to cover sliding glass doors, french doors, drafty stairways, and windows.  If you have a drafty stairway going to a second level or to a basement, cover it with a drapery draw curtain.  If you have a sun room that is cold and drafty in the winter, cover the opening with a drapery draw curtain from Cozy Curtains. Not only will your whole house be more comfortable, but you’ll save money on heating, too.

Contact Cozy Curtains today. We’d love to and talk to you and answer any questions you might have about thermal curtains.

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