Beautiful Energy Efficient Curtains and Shades

Beautiful and decorative fabrics are not what most people think of when contemplating energy efficient curtains and shades for their homes and businesses.  It used to be that energy efficient curtains where boring and looked like they were “home made.”  Thanks to Cozy Curtains, nothing could be further from reality!

Along with making well made, energy efficient curtains, Cozy Curtains make curtains that are fashionable and gorgeous.  The possibilities are endless when looking for decorative fabrics for your Warm Window energy efficient shades from Cozy Curtains. Energy efficient curtains and shades can be both functional AND stylish.

Choose a silk to make your room look elegant, warm and inviting.  There are many silks to choose from with colors ranging from subtle and soft to rich and vibrant.  Silks work well with roman, balloon or hobbled shades.

In love with lace or sheers? No worries!  Cozy Curtains has devised a way to use these fabrics to make energy efficient curtains and shades. Lace and sheer fabrics work well with roman and balloon shades.  They have a nice drape that works well with balloons and the choices are limitless.  Lace is also a good choice if you live in a Victorian or older period home.

Cottons and prints work wonderfully with roman, balloon, hobbled and drapery draw styles. Fabrics with prints are no problem as Cozy Curtains is able to match prints to make a shade that will fit any window in your home or office.  The choices in prints is endless.  Use your imagination and decorate your room to go with the beautiful, Warm Window energy efficient curtains on your window.

If you are looking for a natural, simple look for your room, choose linen or a linen-look fabric, broadcloth or a simple cotton.  These types of fabric always blend in with whatever decor you have in your rooms and they work well with roman, hobbled and drapery draw curtains.

Whatever fabric you choose for your energy efficient curtains, don’t be afraid to use color. I am often asked, “Won’t I get tired of a color after a while?”  My answer is this: “You can get just as tired of a beige as you can a beautiful shade of blue, green or yellow — so opt for color!”




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