Energy Savings from Thermal Shades

Collectively, American homes use an estimated 22 percent of the country’s energy. But much of that energy is wasted through leaky windows. When we waste energy, we are also wasting money.

Energy efficient, thermal shades will help to save you money on your energy bill.

With that extra money, you could buy new furniture for your home to decorate around your new, energy efficient, decorative Warm Window shades.  You could take a trip somewhere warm (in the winter) or cool (in the summer).  You could save for your child’s education or save for your retirement (where you can go some where warm or cool).

Warm Window shades from Cozy Curtains will also help make your home or business more comfortable by stopping drafts and sealing out heat and/or cold.  They also block out light so you sleep better and your children will nap better and sleep longer.  When you are more comfortable you are more relaxed, happier and more productive.  So if you have Warm Window energy efficient shades in your home or office you will be almost Zen like in happiness, ready to take on the day no matter what life throws at you.

I have been making Warm Window shades for 25+ years and know what a wonderful product it is-I would love for you to give them a try and see what my thousands of happy customers have learned-Warm Window shades equal comfort, beauty and savings!

This is my first blog so I would love to have your feed back on this or any future blogs you would like to see.  JoAnne



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